What’s On My Mind These Days? Always Something…

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about the junior class going abroad. Me being only a sophomore, I have the luxury of sitting back and relaxing, while I watch the juniors encounter challenging decisions, one after another, about their upcoming semester. Where should they study abroad? Who should they go with? What classes can they take? Will they receive enough credits in a different country? How is the nightlife in whatever country they are planning on visiting? There are many decisions that must be made before a junior at the University of Michigan goes aboard. However, what is commonly overlooked when thinking of a student’s experience abroad is their experiences following shortly after. And by this, I mean summer jobs.

Being that junior students will have minimal time to apply and interview for summer jobs from an entirely different country, members of the junior class often start early in their search. There have been many times where I have sat down in the library to do homework, and have found myself sitting next to a junior filling out job applications. However, I have recently came to the realization that while October is a bit early to begin applying for summer jobs if you not a junior going abroad, my time to apply is actually not too far away. Come December/January, I know parents are going to start bugging me about the job search, to ensure I land a killer internship this summer.

Thinking about writing cover letters, filling out applications, writing thank you notes to potential employers for offering me an interview, and all other things related to writing and the “summer job search” is quite concerning. It is a huge job, one that I do not feel entirely prepared for. I have had two legitimate internships in the past… the first at a local magazine and the second at a local public relations firm. However, this summer I plan to work in New York City, which is somewhat of a bigger task, and a bigger deal, in terms of applications and interviews. One advantage I do have, however, is the work I have done this semester in my English 229 class, entitled Professional Writing. One assignment for this class was to pick two internships and write cover letters as if we were applying to them. I chose Viacom and Cosmopolitan Magazine, which I would definitely be interested in applying to for real. Writing cover letters, I have learned from this class, is a huge and time-consuming job, as they follow a particular formula, but I feel lucky to have had learned from a U of M professor how to write them professionally and correctly.

So, my time is approaching, just as the juniors time has already approached. I am not sure what is in store for me this summer, but I know that I will have to use writing skills to make it through. Wish me luck!