Commercial + Personal = Professional?

No blog outside of academia is something everyone should read. I don’t even have a favorite blog. But I do follow too many Instagram users who have beautiful blogs. Asiyami Gold is one of them.

Asiyami has a good ratio of text to media (usually video or high quality photos). But what makes her blog accessible is the range of topics she covers. This accessibility may be tailored towards a demographic of 16-35 year old females (considering she’s 23 year old woman).

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.50.31 AM

She is the quintessential twenty something who got famous on instagram (33k followers), because of her eye for photography, ability to travel, and connections built along the way. She is the woman that aesthetic art heauxs of tumblr want to be. At least in terms of her online/social media presence & authenticity.

She posts about fashion, hair, recipes, others artists, etc. Asiyami keeps most texts posts relatively brief when they are solely about her daily musings. She is very fond of visuals, and refers to herself as a visual storyteller on instagram. Thus, she triumphs visuals as a medium over words.

That being said. I think there are two kinds of blogging: those based on content and those based on visuals. We are intrigued by an image and then start to care about the people in or behind the photo. Or we relate or laugh at text and care about the person behind the words. For Asiyami, the pull is visual. She uses media to do a little of what Sullivan mentioned: hyperlinking. I would label it a form of networking though.

Below is an image of Asiyami’s collaboration with Allison Rhee of Flower Crown Society and Sawyer Baird.  Asiyami / Sawyer Baird / Allison Rhee of Flower Crown SocietyIts a beautiful image that exemplifies what most “popular” blogs do: advertise. Most popular bloggers are constantly photographed with products or writing posts referring to products they use in their daily life. So a “good blog”, is one where we care enough about the people behind the words, behind the photographs, and even behind the advertisements. If popular is mutually exclusive with good is a whole other topic.

Asiyami ties her personal stories and musings in with the advertisements though, in a way that is both convincing, entertaining, and, thought provoking. This video on hair, confidence, and cancer is an example. You don’t have to watch it.

She even did a post about collaborating with Merit, who once had roots in Ann Arbor! The interview actually touches on her childhood memories. Her ability to fuse the commercial with the personal is in its own sense professional. Which leads me to my next point.

I categorize her blog as a lifestyle a) because she labels it as such, and b) because her blog is a holistic reflection of the kind of life she lives. Asiyami fits into that young yet uncharacteristically wealthy creative type,  that internet users frequently encounter. Because she capitalizes on what a large percentage of my generation seeks to do: profit off of the intersections of our personal, professional, and social media identities, she serves as a model. Her blog is inspiration for these models of success that are fairly new and quite nuanced, yet somehow ubiquitous due to the world wide web.