My blogging persona

I look back at my first blog- the one where I talk about how new I am to blogging and how much I am not into sharing things on the internet. Well, here I am. Well into the year and still exploring my new found love for blogging.

I think I write on here and in my new blog (yes, I made my own outside of school just to give it a whirl) like I would in my journal. I was never a big fan of sharing things on the internet that were too personal or let someone see the deeper side of me. Even though I still think this is true, that I have a part of me that I keep hidden from most no matter what I do, I think this has been a really big step to opening up.

My younger sister has had an online blog for as long as I can remember. Probably since myspace if that gives you any indication… Me on the other hand, I have always strayed away from the internet, but finally after years of bickering over things like what song we play in the car or who gets the first shower in the morning, we are developing some common grounds- blogging being one of them. And even though I still have my reservations, I think writing on here has allowed me almost a silent communication, like a little bit more public of my journal. I write like I do in my journal with short phrases and sometimes run-ons. I feel like this blog is much more about how I talk and communicate then creating some kind of polished essay or analysis: that’s not me, and that’s not how I talk. So when I read over my blog out loud, it sounds like me, and I like that.


Myself as a Blogger

As someone who has had to blog for other classes in the past, I thought that I knew everything that I needed to know about this platform and type of writing.  Because there was no direction given to the ways that blogs should be written in my previous classes, I felt like blogging was just a boring old way to keep track of your thoughts on different issues and communicate with others in your class.  The thoughts that I had posted were never addressed or responded to — the entire process seemed quite uninteresting and not useful in a class setting.

However, I can tell that my thoughts on this have changed by the way that I now take the time to think more critically about what I plan on writing and making this interesting and engaging for the greater audience I am reaching.  I think that because of the time that we spent in this class reading different blog posts and studying the ways that blogging can be fun and make a difference were crucial to my growing appreciation for blogging.  Especially in terms of the perspectives that we read about in the blog carnival, I have continued to search for blog posts that catch my attention and showcase a writer’s inherent abilities and distinct voice as a strength.  While it still might not be the most easy or enjoyable use of my time, I can at least recognize now the effort that goes into creating and maintaining a blog and blogging persona that feels natural and true.

As for myself as a blogger, I will have to see whether or not I will continue to blog in the future — be it for future classes, jobs, or just for fun.  The thought of creating a blog seems a little less scary now, but I’m still not sure if I would really be able to ever be super comfortable sharing so often in this public medium.  This is something that I am still working on — becoming more comfortable with the idea of being viewed or criticized by others.  But as an essential part of blogging, I realize that this will always happen no matter what the situation.  It’s just a matter of time… let’s see where the interesting things that I’ve learned throughout this class will take me!

Blogging Persona

At the very beginning of the semester, I was brand new to blogging.  It was something I had never done before, and I was admittedly skeptical about whether or not I would enjoy it.  I have said earlier that I am much more used to doing formal writing, so at first, I was unsure what sort of writing style to use in my blogs.  I didn’t know how personal I should be or how structured my blogs had to be.  As I continued to post, however, things became much easier and I began to feel much more comfortable sharing with my peers.  That whole idea of directly sharing with so many other students was also very new to me, and I didn’t know what to think about it at the beginning.  This was the first time I that I knew when I clicked “Publish” my writing would be on display for so many others to see.  This definitely made me nervous and even more unsure of what kind of writing my blogs should consist of.

I think it really helped me to read other students’ blogs, as well as their comments on my own blogs.  It helped me realize that the whole blogging world, at least as far as I’m concerned, is all about communication.  I saw how other students loved to share what they were going through on a certain subject, even if they were struggling.  This notion really hit home when I read some comments from students offering me suggestions for my own issues.  Now, I see blogging not as a tedious task, but as something that could be very helpful and even sometimes therapeutic.  For some reason, I find it much easier to write about what I’m struggling with than to talk about it.  This blog gives me the perfect forum to do so, and even provides me with potential aid in the form of my fellow students