Shameless plug

So yeah, turns out that my previous blog post was not the last one.


The last blog post for my introduction to the minor in writing class involves me talking about my electronic portfolio, an online database of sorts that holds all of my writing from this class and more.

So, basically a shameless plug of sorts.

Honestly though I’ve really liked the eportfolio I have created, especially the design. My main goal for this portfolio was to make it aesthetically pleasing to the viewer as possible, a feat I think I successfully accomplished. However, I didn’t want to make the art too distracting, to detract from the written material explaining my projects and whatnot. So, I decided to utilize a minimalist style of artwork, where the images are not too colorful or zany yet still hold a powerful presence on the page. I would say that this is what I am most happy about regarding my eportfolio.

As for what I still want to work on, there is not much I want to or have a desire to revise per say. While what I wrote in the eportfolio could always be edited, there is not much else I would want to work on regarding my creation. The process of creating this eportfolio was one full of highs and lows. The biggest challenge I would say was finding the images I wanted to use for each section of the eportfolio. Ideally, the image would be white so I don’t have to edit the text much (editing the text background made the design pretty unappealing) but at the same time appealing for the viewer. This specific requirement made it hard to find images that I would personally want to utilize in my eportfolio, especially since I have a distinct and unique taste.

I believe I successfully achieved my purpose in presenting myself as a writer with this eportfolio. As a writer, I wanted to have the viewer truly understand what I, the writer, am like. This includes my serious and somber moments, my sense of humor, and what I enjoy. I believe that this eportfolio was able to successfully encapsulate all of this and more. I don’t have anything else to say other than I hope you enjoy looking through this final project of my writing 220 class!



My eportfolio is in its final stages! I am happy how it turned out. I have made a site like this before that I would describe as bare. It did not really express my interests or who I was. I feel like I had a bit more freedom with this site and I was able to express what I really wanted people to know about me. Aesthetically, I like the idea of large images taking up the screen versus text overload. Kind of like a gallery, very visual to convey the message and image I wanted. I am also pleased with my minimalist approach. I like clean lines and simple font that is consistent, so I think that I executed that rather well, when I could have gotten carried away with all of the fun colors and layouts!
Something that I am still trying to work on is the reflective comments. I am trying to find the happy medium between enough explanation and not giving too much away about the project. I think that I need to be less vague and go into a little more detail as to why I made the decisions I did and what challenges I faced when making changes.
Throughout the process I was very contentious of the fact that I was creating a platform for people to judge me. I know that the portfolio’s point is to showcase who I am as a person and writer, but I was very aware of the idea that other people would really be able to see me. With that being said, I think I was able to accentuate the aspects of my life that I really wanted people to know about. Three of the things I really love are sports, traveling, and writing. I think I was able to convey those aspects of my life well in this portfolio. I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!
Click here to check it out!

Thoughts on ePortfolio

I really haven’t even started seriously thinking about the portfolio– it feels very far away still that I would need to start thinking about it– so now seems like a good opportunity to start.

Of the questions in the prompt, a few jumped out at me as things that I hadn’t considered (but really should) with this assignment– namely “How do you want to present yourself as a writer? Who is your ideal audience?” and “Do you want your portfolio to be organized around a guiding theme or metaphor or thesis?  How explicit do you want the theme or metaphor or thesis to be?”

Both of these types of questions wrap back into a larger question that I’d like to address about what I’d like out of this class.

Ideally, if I could use this as an organized, well-designed repository for my best writing projects of recent and coming years that I could like to resumes or my LinkedIn profile for potential employers, that would be amazing.

If it could also give the air of desperation and a massive fear of unemployment, that would be great, too.

internal screaming

I think my goal with this portfolio will be to showcase my versatility as a writer and ability to communicate concepts and arguments. If I can send it off to a hiring managers with confidence that, just by giving it a cursory glance, they will come away knowing that I am competent, creative, and have a diverse skill set within the realm of writing, then I know I will have executed this portfolio to the best of my ability.

In order to do this, I’m making some preliminary mental sketches about what the layout should be to properly convey this to my audience. Currently, I’m imagining a landing page that would have a few very general categories like, “Minor in Writing Gateway” (and later another for the capstone) for the projects completed in class, “Nonfiction Writing Samples” for the best papers I’ve completed in other classes, and “Fiction Writing Samples” for side projects that showcase the best of my creative writing abilities (not that non-fiction isn’t creative). I figure I will use the landing page as both a quick introduction to the portfolio and what its purpose is as well as an about page with my own quick bio.

Since this portfolio will have a variety of audiences (class, professors, others in the minor, potential employers), I’d like to present myself in a fairly candid but professional way. I’m figuring if I use a tone that is both conversational and competent, I can communicate myself to most any audience. This tone will play into the guiding theme of the whole blog, too. I’m hoping it will show that I am well-versed in different writing techniques, styles, and topics, but I don’t think I need to be overly explicit in this except in the landing page’s introduction.

Those are my current thoughts. Who knows how I’ll feel in a month, though.

But really, about that job.

The final product

ePortfolio captureWell, that’s a wrap. My ePortfolio is polished and ready to go. Here’s the link:

I really enjoyed this assignment because it allowed me to take a look back at everything I did during the course as a whole. Individually, the work seems a bit disjointed: one project on why I write, one project that totally repurposes another piece of writing and one project in a completely different medium.

But when you stack it all up on my ePortfolio, it’s really cool to see what we accomplished this semester. We dove into so many different parts of our writing and improved it in so many different areas, and we’ll be able to apply that in all kinds of ways in the future.

The End

It feels like yesterday that we began the Gateway class and I can’t believe that the semester is already coming to a close. Because I am going to be studying abroad next semester, the end of this semester feels a lot different than usual. I have been thinking about the end of the semester as something distantly in the future and it has not hit me yet that the time has finally come.

This Gateway course has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to completing the rest of the minor when I return. I have learned so much in this class, and will genuinely miss coming to class every Monday and Wednesday. A special thank you to T for doing a fantastic job leading our class! My experience would not have been the same without T and my amazing classmates.

And now, after spending long hours playing around with Wix, I have finally completed my E-Portfolio. I am proud of how it turned out and I hope you enjoy!

Here is the link:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 6.44.57 PM

That’s All Folks



This semester really flew by. Although I am counting down the days until my last exam, I can say with all honestly that I will miss this class. I have had a lot of fun expanding my writing skills with T and my fellow Fall 2014 fall cohort members. This intro class really pushed me out of my writing comfort zone and I’m glad for that.

When I started putting together my eportfolio, I felt very proud of all the writing and projects I have completed throughout the semester. I am glad that this minor allows us to display our works in such a public setting because it’s nice to get some recognition for all our hard work. I spent plenty of time working on this eportfolio, because I wanted it to be a solid representation of not only my work, but also myself as a person. I spent hours editing, reorganizing and rewording each page to create a final page that I am very proud.

Before concluding, I’d like to send out a special thanks to T herself for inspiring me as a writer and as a student in general. She has been one of my favorite professors at the university so far and I feel very lucky to have been in her class. Additionally, I’d like to thank my fellow minor in writing students, who I now consider my friends. I have really enjoyed getting to know you all through your writing and I hope we will encounter each other in future classes.


And with that I leave you the link to my eportfolio: 

I hope you have as much exploring my eportfolio as I did creating it. THAT’S ALL FOLKS!