My Portfolio


I’m doing my portfolio on WordPress mostly because it’s the platform I’m most comfortable with. I wanted a layout that would allow me to include a background photo as well as a cover-style photo, but that was relatively minimalist when it comes to text and text organization (the theme is called Twenty Eleven, if anyone is interested). I’m including a Welcome page that will contain a reflective summary of the portfolio assignment itself, an About page that I’ll use to introduce myself, pages for each of the three major assignments for this class (Why I Write, Repurposing, and Remediating) and their draft structures, 2-3 writing samples from 5 of my other classes, a host of blog posts from this class and another class where I had to blog, and finally a resumé.

I really liked the idea of putting a resumé on my portfolio and being able to reference it as a source of writing samples in a job interview or a link to be able to give an employee (obviously I’ll make it available to my family and friends as well, but I want to be able to get more use out of it than just show and tell with people close to me).

I’m most excited about looking through all of my old writing samples and potentially adapting things to be more readable online (because let’s be real – who wants to read a six-page paper online?).

At this point, I’m not really struggling to figure anything out in terms of planning or navigation or organization or anything like that. It’s mostly just a matter of writing the introductory information for my writing samples and uploading and adjusting all of my samples. Essentially, I just need to devote time to putting things in the portfolio itself.

Take a look if you want!