So of course, the ONE day that I have to actually sleep in past 7am and relax a bit, I get called in to work at 8am.  What’s even worse is that I was already scheduled to work from 2-6m, but my manager thought “Hey, let’s just call in Alyssa and have her work a lovely 9 hour shift!”  (Well okay, that’s not exactly what she said, but that’s what I imagine her thinking…)  Anyways, this kind of put a damper on my being able to attend the Write-a-thon on the Diag last Friday, which I was very bummed about!  I like creative events like that where people can just drop in and write something (I went to one last year and thought it was so awesome!), and of course, I loved the pins we got in class (pins are my weakness).

Chalk Writing on the Diag
A work of art found on the Diag!

I ended up getting out of work early at about 4:30, but by the time that I made it down to Central Campus there was nothing left but a whole bunch of chalk writing all over the Diag.  It was actually really cool to read.  I walked around all of the families in town for Parent’s Weekend reading what people had wrote.  The picture above is something I took on my phone, it made me smile after an incredibly long day of work.  It’s just a testament to how awesome writing is.  It can make a difference in the lives of others who are reading it — and you never know who you’ll be reaching out to!  🙂