Intro to Eportfolio

The theme of my portfolio is really focused on slowing down time, living in the present, being aware of all the incredible day to day things that are happening all around us. I’ve always had people tell me that college passes like no other and I’ve never really stopped to give it much thought because I’ve been too busy rushing by. When I stop to look back there are so many moments I can’t remember clearly or times I wish I had enjoyed more. All my pieces and work emphasize this bit and really try to make readers see the world in a new way and to understand from different perspectives. My goal is to get people to stop in their tracks when they’re running to that next class, that next meeting, and to really take time for the world.

I am really excited by the way I can design and mold this website to my message. I want it to be visually stimulating and I want people to feel like there’s a mystery to search for. I want it to be a calm, reflective tone, giving people the time to absorb and think about how it is similar to or different from their own experiences. My layout is centered on simplicity. No extra bells or whistles, just visuals and prose to bring a message to life. This new way of web writing has really intrigued me. It is so different from the way I normally write that I am challenged to find ways to mold my personal style to the new medium–and it is so exciting. There are now so many ways to pair communication and I find myself spending countless hours on tweaking out the best ways to combine writing, listening, and watching to get viewers to see the point I’m trying to make.

Given this new medium, it has also been a challenge to find new ways to present my thoughts. I’m a traditional writer who sits down and does reflections, but who isn’t necessarily so good at twitter or quick bursts of information. Through this process, I’ve been testing myself to see how varied I can make my pieces and how creative I can be in my presentations. Everything that I’m posting relates to my central theme of stopping and looking around, enjoying. But the eportfolio also calls for a reflection on each of the artifacts to explain why we wrote the pieces that we did. My eportfolio tone tends to be more subtle, and one of the obstacles I’m trying to jump is figuring out how to tie this reflection into my layout. I think I may end up doing a side link that offers this information for those who are interested in looking into my thought process for each of the artifacts, and for those who aren’t interested, they can just enjoy what I have presented to them on the surface level.


If you’d like to take a look, my eportfolio can be found at

Introducing My Portfolio (kind of)

My portfolio is going to be showcasing the work that I am most proud of. I originally planned on doing personal, professional and academic work, however as I’ve been working on it I think a new organization is necessary. I have mostly academic work and a little professional work that I would want to be showing other people. While I think it’s important other people see my personal side, I think that will come out in some of my pieces and my reflections enough. I’ll be showing my press releases and articles that I wrote for my Public Relations internship at Covenant Healthcare, as well as pieces from our writing class and some previous writing classes that I have taken here at the University of Michigan.

I am really excited about the artifacts I have chosen to portray and the potential that this site will have. I hope to make it something that will be useful in my future. Therefore, I will be able to show it to future employers or people I want to inform about myself as a writer. I’m excited about how I will be portrayed through my portfolio. However, I am struggling with finding ways to make it interesting. While my pieces of writing are interesting to me or my professors, I’m not sure anyone else really cares about them. Also, I want my website to have new and innovative features to show my interest in technology and the site, meaning I’m not just putting up my artifacts to be read–the site is a piece as a whole. Hopefully I will get some feedback in class on things that are working well or not for my pieces.


Here is a link to my working portfolio if you’d like to check it out (don’t judge me, it’s a work in progress):


P.S. I haven’t done my home/about page yet. Sorry for the confusion