Putting the E-Portfolio to Use

This summer, I applied for multiple internships and went on a variety of interviews. As usual, the focus was on previous job experience and skills that were relevant to the position. But I was shocked by the comprehensive review of my application from my interviewers.

I wanted to stand out and give my resume a more personal touch, so I decided to include my e-portfolio as a part of my resume. I included the e-portfolio at the top of resume with its URL and a QR code. I was unsure if QR codes were effective in the business world, but I was willing to take a shot at it.

In the interview for the internship that I accepted, one of the interviews pulled out his phone during the interview. He asked about my writing style and technique and then scanned the QR code from resume for the e-portfolio. He looked around my e-portfolio on his phone while asking questions about the pieces of writing. He said that the e-portfolio was a great way to contextualize my writing experience and helped them, the two interviewers, understand if my style was suitable for their professional business working environment.

This experience emphasized the practical value of the e-portfolio, and I was ecstatic that I was able to benefit in my job-hunt from something that I did in the classroom. Has anyone else had such successes?

Starting Something New

I’ve decided: English grammar. Yes, that’s right. From this point forth, all of my blogs will be centered on English grammar.

I came to this decision for two reasons. One, I am obsessed with learning about our language’s grammar, as you all well know. Two, I think this could be something beneficial for my portfolio and writing in general. My writing is not perfect by any means. I want to evaluate my own sentence structure and how I can apply or reinforce the formal rules governing English to it.

But that’s not all the whole story. Like my everyday personality, my blogs will showcase some contradictions. Do not be shocked to see a blog with sentence fragments that delineates the need for a comma when joining two independent clauses in a sentence.

I hope that my blogs will teach you all something new too, but don’t be shy to start a healthy debate on the topic.

Alright, let’s see how this goes.