Jung’s Reflective Writing

For my reading this week, I wrote on Jung’s “Reflective Writing’s Synecdochic Imperative: Process Descriptions Redescribed.”  Initially, her article came across as an overly complex description of the purpose of reflective writing.  Digging deeper (a lot deeper…), it became more clear that her main point is that reflective writing is best used to improve the entire writing process as a whole.  One should make their comments about the writing process.  By questioning the writing process through a historical account of what happened, writers should be able to see how their intentions were manifested through their writing.

For me, I’m not particularly sure what this would mean in a reflective comment.  I view writing itself as a process.  I picked the words that I wanted in order to convey my point, I made sure the sentence made sense, and now I have realized that the thought makes sense?  I’m not particularly sure how this fits in to essay writing for me.  Going from a brainstorming session, to a formal outline through research, and into a final paper is my narrative of what happened.  I think that the only way that I can see this type of reflective writing as a useful tool is in revision for our final portfolio.  I think I would have to distance myself from my writing for a while to be able to examine what I did and if it was effective.