Final Blog Post…already????

I can’t believe this is the last blog post I’ll write for the Gateway Course. It feels like yesterday that I was looking through previous ePortfolios and taking notes on the things I wanted to include in my own. It’s actually pretty funny to look back at the notes, because the things I wanted to include like “add in humor” or “keep it simple” ended up making it into my ePortfolio.

Overall, I’m really happy with how my ePortfolio turned out. I was able to balance making it a personal space while keeping it professional and clean just in case I decide on showing it to future employers. While I was creating it, I wanted to make sure that all images and text were in black and white, and I’m thrilled with how this theme turned out. Though I was a little nervous about being the only student in my class using Squarespace, I’m glad I stuck with it. It’s a site that I’ve had previous exposure to, so I knew I could play around with it and make my ePortfolio something I was extremely proud of and that fit my personality.

I also discovered a lot about my interests when I was crafting my ePortfolio. For example, I have a real passion for design. I like experimenting with how things look on the web and what they communicate about their creator. It’s made me start to consider doing more with website design, not only for the current company I work for but also in future endeavors both in and out of school.

My favorite part about my ePortfolio right now is my welcome page. I was feeling particularly inspired the day I took the photo on the opening page (it’s of my desk here at school!) and I love the way it turned out. It’s representative of my personality and my interests, and I think it’s an aesthetically pleasing way of welcoming my audience!

my desk

Finally, the best part about my ePortfolio is that nothing is set in stone. I can constantly tweak, delete, and add in things that I write or photos that I take. The ability to change things is definitely an affordance of having an ePortfolio, and it’s something I know I will take advantage of as my opinions and thoughts change about the topics I’ve written about.

While I haven’t decided if I’m going to link to my ePortfolio in my resume or share it with future employers, I know it’s something I am going to share with my current boss, my parents, and my friends. Like I mentioned in my “why I write”, I often have difficulty articulating my emotions, interests, and thoughts. Now, I have my ePortfolio to do all of the talking and that’s a really comforting thing for me to be able to use.

Thank you to everyone for such a great semester, especially my past and present blog group members. You guys are writing geniuses and I can’t imagine what my projects would be without you all!

adele thumbs up