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 John U. Bacon
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This is professor, author, and Michigan football historian John U. Bacon. I am currently taking his class “the history of college athletics” and without a doubt it is the most enjoyable class I have taken in college. I’m not only happy to be taking this class because it focuses on college sports, but also because I have followed his blog since my freshman year of college.

Professor Bacon’s blog is a sports blog that mainly covers Michigan football and the Big Ten in general. However, since he knows so much about the history of the sport, Mr. Bacon is able to provide some perspective to a lot of the topics. The other reason I like this blog is because of it’s style. Mr. Bacon knows his audience, which is mainly University of Michigan football fans. He also knows that more than likely people will not be willing to read a very long article, so he keeps it simple. His sentences are not long; his nuance is not too extravagant.  Each article actually has a link to listen to the story instead of read it, and this never takes longer than 5 minutes. This is also very different than they style he uses to write his books and longer more in-depth articles. As an example of good, concise blogging, it does not get much better than professor Bacon’s blog.

Post-Game Thoughts

Oh, goodness, let’s hope I can write something coherent.

Let’s start from the top, shall we?  This was actually the first Michigan basketball game I’d ever seen.  Scratch that, this was the first basketball game that I had sat all the way through ever.  Not only that, but getting to the championship for the first time in over 20 years is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I was never planning to go to Atlanta, but it was given that I would watch this.

My friends and I went to watch the game at the Crisler Center.  It didn’t matter that the team wasn’t physically there, we were still pumped up and screaming.  I had no idea what would happen at the game.  I did expect a close match, but I hoped and dreamed of a Michigan victory.

The first half went extremely well.  Our team was in top form and gave Louisville a shock.  It was close to halftime that Louisville began to make up the difference, and we ended the half only a point ahead.  Then the second half came around, and, well…  We just couldn’t seem to mount a defense against the Cardinals.  Granted, we would chase them down every time they got too far ahead in the points.  But after the final buzzer, Louisville had won by six or eight points.  (I’m not going to look up the score at the moment.  I don’t really want to read any analysis of the game right now.)

It was sad to see Crisler Arena start to empty out near the last thirty seconds of the game.  The clock hadn’t run out, but the crowd knew what was going to happen.  It hurt worse to see my friends react – they’ve invested a lot of time and emotions into the team over the past two seasons, so to see the team lose was terrible.  Even though I was still a newbie, more than once I thought, Come on, guys, you’ve come too far to lose now.  It was to no avail.

The walk home was better, though.  Fresh air is always a great remedy.  As disappointed as we were, we did conclude that our team had fought hard the entire game.  Besides that, we still have amazing players for next season.  We have freshman and sophomore players with incredible talent, and they showed off their skill tonight.  At the very least, it would hurt more if it was a buzzer-beater that we had failed to win.  With this end, you don’t have to wail over a single second of a missed opportunity.

Ah, but I’m tired, and I’m writing this in the wee hours of the morning.  Much like fresh air, sleep does a world of good.