Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I’m currently a sophomore in LSA, but I am planning to transfer into the College of Engineering. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and lived there my whole life until coming to Ann Arbor. I have always loved writing and music (I have been playing drums since I was 12 and singing since I was 14), but it wasn’t until high school that I really got comfortable in the STEM fields. The issue with majoring in a hard science like engineering is that you never have to write, so a lot of engineers lose that skill over time, and I want the Minor in Writing to help me to continue developing as a writer. Last year I was a part of the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program, which is how I found out about the minor, and I took some classes through that program that challenged me to write in different genres that never came up in high school. One of my assignments during the Fall semester was to write a review on an album, movie, or book, for example, which I had never gotten the opportunity to write in an academic setting.

It has always been hard for me to answer the question, “what is your favorite book”, but I can say without a doubt that A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf, while it is technically considered an essay, is the piece of writing that I most want to emulate someday. The concept of writing in the “stream of consciousness” inspired me when I read it in senior year of high school, a time when I was writing countless college essays, wishing I could make them more interesting. I obviously am nowhere near mastering that style of writing, but it is definitely a dream of mine to be able to write something that contains so much wisdom without reading like the typical novel or memoir.

Minor in Writing Introduction

Hi everyone!

My name is Matisse Rogers and I am a junior from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am in the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, and though I haven’t decided on a focus area yet, I am extremely interested in domestic social policy. After graduation, I hope to enroll in law school and pursue a career in civil rights or employment/labor law. However, these plans are extremely subject to change in the next several years. Regardless of what I end up doing after graduation, I know that graduating as a strong writer will be helpful.

Outside of class, I am the Business Manager of the Michiganensian Yearbook, a position that has been equally demanding and rewarding. It allows me to get marketing and business experience, which is a nice change of pace from the Ford school and the classes I typically take. Additionally, I am a member of Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Fraternity and the Shipman Scholarship Society. Both of these communities have been important in shaping my time on campus and have led me to meet my closest friends. I love going to concerts and and staying informed on hip-hop culture, as well as watching The Office and reading the news (my favorite outlet is the New York Times).

The Minor in Writing program was most compelling to me because it offers a platform to improve upon the organization and presentation of my academic writing. I have a bit of an aversion to creative writing, but I’d love to explore this as well. I have always been a passionate writer, but I haven’t had the time to dedicate myself to growing as a writer since coming to the University of Michigan. I feel that I haven’t received constructive feedback and even when I have, I didn’t have the time or capacity to digest it in a productive way. My writing has been confined to the same “comfort zone” since freshman year, and I’m excited to extend beyond this in the MiW program.

MiW Introduction

Hi, my name is Jae Heon Lee but I go by James here. I’m from South Korea, but I’ve been a student in the US for almost a decade. This is my third year at UMich, and in addition to the minor, I plan on majoring in linguistics and international studies. Among my passions are travel, music, film and literature, but during my college years I primarily plan on delving into language and developing a cosmopolitan perspective. Even though language is perhaps the greatest component of my academic pursuit, and even though I often picture myself as an author someday, I have not had the experience of writing regularly and receiving constructive feedback on a consistent basis. So with the minor, I look forward to both substantiating my identity as a writer and figuring out effective plans for my creative process. I think I most admire the writers who say the most with the least, such as Samuel Beckett. I am also a big fan of lyricism in 90’s hiphop music.

Minor in Writing Intro

Hello, my name’s Jason Rowland. Like Brynn, I’m originally from outside Philadelphia (which, by the way, is an underrated city that all too often gets overlooked because of its proximity to New York and D.C.). I’m currently a junior, and in addition to minoring in writing, I’m also studying Organizational Studies. While I’m not 100% certain about where I want to be in 10 years (or even where I want to be later this afternoon), I think I’m interested in law school. However, I plan on working for a few years and reevaluating when I have a better idea down the line. Regardless of which field I end up in, I recognize the importance of effective writing — which is why I’m pursuing this minor.

Outside of the classroom, I’m the Managing Editor for Michigan in Color — a section on The Michigan Daily dedicated to students of color on campus. I feel that given today’s political climate, this work is particularly important, and a minor in writing will only help me improve the section.

Outside of school and extracurriculars, I currently live in a house with seven guys — which is fun but at times can also be more stressful than my actual school work. I also enjoy playing walleyball (it’s like volleyball except played on a racquet ball court, so the ball can bounce off the walls) and card games. It’s been great reading everyone’s intro and I’m excited to get to know you all more closely over these next few semesters!

MiW Intro

Hi! I’m Brynn, a junior majoring in Communications with a focus in Sales & Marketing through the Cappo Sales Track. I’m from just outside of Philly, but spend a lot of time in New York visiting friends or, as of this past summer, working. I absolutely love both cities, and try to take advantage of my close proximity to them as much as possible; I love sporadically planning day trips with my friends to wander around and try new restaurants, or to visit different parts of the city. I also, to my mother’s dismay, really love to do adventurous things, like go skydiving, ATVing, or spelunking. Aside from that, I’m an obnoxious Villanova basketball fan, and spend a concerning amount of time playing Candy Crush (currently on level 1568 and climbing), both of which I’m sure I’ll bring up over the course of this semester.

I’m really excited about being in the MiW program because I’ve always loved writing (I’ve been keeping journals for as long as I can remember), and hope to hone my skills through this minor, both for the benefit of my future professional endeavors, and for my own pleasure. I’m not sure how I would categorize my most admired style of writing because I’ve seen it in so many forms: short stories (like Le Petit Prince or Tuesdays with Morrie), song lyrics, tv/film transcripts, advertisements, even history books. I’m not sure what I would call it exactly, but I really admire the kind of writing that makes you reread a single line over and over and over again until the words are engrained in your mind. The kind of words that could have absolutely no relevance to your life, but make you stop just to appreciate the beauty of their being strung together. Or, even more impressive and desirable, the kind of words that you hang above your door, or contemplate getting permanently inked on your body because they resonate with you so deeply. The words that stick with you for hours after you’ve read them because somehow, this author that you’ve never heard of before, seems to capture everything you’ve ever thought or felt in a few, brief sentences. I guess, in short, I want my writing be memorable in someway, and to hopefully mean something to someone other than myself.

Introduction to MiW

Hi everyone! My name is Apoorvee Singhal and I am a junior studying Business at Ross. I am from Bahrain, in the Middle East. I love traveling and have been to over thirteen different countries across the world. During my free time, I enjoy watching  Suits and any romantic-comedies. Most importantly, I love spending time with my closest friends and my family members. When I started school at Michigan, I realized that my writing was completely different from what was academically expected from students here. I enrolled myself in Writing 100 that helped me learn a lot about different writing structures. Following, I thoroughly enjoyed English 125 and even completed English 225 after. I then decided that I wanted to pursue this minor since I did not want to stop writing and wanted to broaden my academic experience here at Michigan. I felt that writing would be a perfect compliment to the technical business coursework since it would entail self-reflection and personal thinking. From the Minor in Writing program, I want to discover myself as a writer and how my writing differs across various platforms. I want to push myself to be creative in this arena and have fun with writing! One piece of writing that I wish I could imitate would be F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. While reading that book, I was impressed with his style – the way he portrayed the characters, the way he described the entire scenario and how the story developed and concluded.

Introduction to MiW

Hello everyone! I’m Meghan Brody, but please call me Meggie. I am a sophomore history major and I am studying to be a librarian. My favorite things to do are journal my angst, hang out in libraries, read old books, and take pointless walks. I am excited to begin the minor and look forward to reading all of the wonderful work on the blog!

I decided to pursue a minor in writing because I was torn between being an English or history major (I ultimately chose history for two reasons, the first being the fact that I enjoyed the kind of research that goes into historical work, and the second being this quote from “Catcher in the Rye”), and once I declared a history major, I thought a minor in writing would be the perfect supplement to round out my love of history and my love of writing.

In my time with the program, I hope to hone in on my unique writing style so I am the kind of writer whose voice sticks with their readers. I also would like to become better at the writing process, which is usually a stressful and disorganized mess (for me). While most careers value strong writing skills, I also want to improve as a writer because I truly do enjoy writing and never want to become a passive or complacent writer.

The kind of writing that I enjoy and would like to emulate is usually found in one of my favorite genres of writing: editorials. The best opinion pieces, I believe, have the voice of the writer come right through the work, and that voice is informal and holds conviction, even in a serious piece. Perhaps the word “conviction” is redundant to include in relation to an editorial, but nonetheless, when I do find pieces like that, they are always compelling in a way that other work is not to me. Overall, the work I would like to emulate has the writer’s strong presence and voice.

Thank you for reading!

Introduction to the MiW

Hello, my name is Karis Blaker. I’m a double major in English and Women’s Studies. I love reading books, poems, feminist magazines, and articles I find on Twitter. I also really like movies and TV, which is why I work at a film library.

I want to be able to write the things that sum up what so many people are thinking but can’t put into words. I constantly find things in articles or books that do exactly that, and they always stick with me. I want this minor to help me write things that stick with people. I guess that’s the sort of writing I would like to emulate. I also have an obsession with Sylvia Plath, so her writing is an inspiration too.

Introduction to the Minor

Hey everyone! My name is Henry Milek, and I am a Junior English Major currently in the Gateway course for the minor in Writing. Whenever people hear that I am an English major, they always start asking me about books, assuming that I read a lot. The truth is, I’m probably one of the least well-read people in the department, not for the lack of joy of a good book, but simply because it is not my go-to choice of entertainment. The real reason that I’m an English major is because I love writing, and I can think of few other programs that allow for the kind of writing I enjoy than English. I’ve always felt that I communicate better through writing, and have received much encouragement from family and teachers throughout my life that has pushed me into pursuing a profession in which I could use that skill to its full potential, which brings me to this program. Whereas my major coursework is more of a practice of my skills on an academic level, I hope here to enhance my technical skills as a writer, preparing myself for a more diverse array of situations in both “real world” situations as well as my future coursework. More than anything else, though, I’m here to expand upon my passion, and in that regard, I’m quite grateful for what this program has to offer.

Introduction to the Minor in Writing

My name is Serena Pergola and I am a junior studying Communications with the Sweetland minor in writing. I plan to focus on marketing and advertising, preferably in the fashion industry. I enjoy sports, traveling and spending time with my family. I hope to further enhance my communication skills and obtain the ability to better express myself through this minor. My favorite form of writing is personal narratives because it helps you to explore yourself and challenges you to go beyond the surface of a situation you have experienced. I think it helps me to get to better know and represent myself.