A Few of My Favorite Things

There are phrases that make me smile ear-to-ear,

Like come in, sit down, have a cold beer.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, want to sweep me off my feet?

Here’s a list of things that will make the job complete:


Go grab a blanket, let’s watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Check out this picture on Cute Emergency.

I’m at Taco Bell, what would you like?

Get in the car, tonight is girls night.

Did you see MSU lost? Man, that was rough.

Pass the hummus. Did you get enough?

We poured you a glass. Come on, you should stay!

You are beautiful, have I told you today?

Oh my gosh, did you hear Leo DiCaprio’s in town?

(Warning: Don’t lie about this. It will just make me frown.)

What’s your schedule? I’ve got an article I’d like you to write.

Hand me the bottle. We’re not sleeping tonight.


So if you want to be mine this Valentine’s Day,

Say any of these things, and you just might sweep me away.