I didn’t think I’d get so excited about this portfolio project but my mind’s starting to get excited about the possibilities and freedom we’re given. I’ve been using technology in my classes for the past 3 years not as a tool for my own design but to learn the nuts and bolts behind computers, so it’s weird for me for the first time to be given so much creative freedom in a school project. I’ve been looking into hosting my e-portfolio outside of a traditional blog site, either a github repository (a site used for sharing and keeping track of code, either for projects across groups or just individuals, or as a dropbox sort-of thing…it’s super handy for CS projects) or through a personal umich site. I’m excited to mess around with HTML/CSS and create my own little corner of the Internet.

Something that has in the past felt too overwhelming but that I’ve started appreciating about my major is the sheer volume of what I don’t know. I feel the same way about writing, that there’s always someone else to learn from. Even though the technical side of writing gets a little too verbose for me at times (got a little lost with those grammar readings last week…) it’s a weird sort of comforting that I’ve never exhausted these subjects.