Am I funny yet?

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Sneak Peek of My Dad as a Comic Character

I feel like I’ve got a pretty good start on my project 2. I have, in fact, decided to go with the comic strip idea. So far, I’ve created about four comic strips with my dad as the main character (an ordinary hero). The general idea of all the the strips is that I am basically making fun of the fact that my dad has to deal with raising three girls. As the only male in a houseful of women, my sisters, mother and I also make the joke, “poor dad.” So I figure this project would be a good way to show my dad, in a comical way, that we really do appreciate all the things he does for us.

As far as things I am worried about and questions I have…

First of all, I am worried that the content of the comics won’t be funny to my readers because they aren’t in my position. Also, I’m not sure how many different comic strips I should make in total.

Second, I am writing a piece to go along with the comics that sort of explains my idea (as I did above) and I’m not sure exactly what I should and shouldn’t include in that additional piece.


For those of you have not heard my project 2 idea, I will be writing an NPR article about Fragile-X syndrome (an autism-like disorder) and my research on it. The article will essential be a news article describing the foreseeable cure that was discovered by my lab (the Kwan Lab). I would like to incorporate some personal accounts of Fragile-X that I find online. My intentions for the piece are to make it something that is easy for anyone to read and understand.

I went into this project with the goal of making a RadioLab talk out of it for the third project, but I am having trouble fitting my project into a format that would work for RadioLab. If you are not familiar with RadioLab, it is a radio talk show project by NPR that investigates strange stories and seeks to make worldly conclusions from them. It’s an awesome program.

My main concern for this project is that I am not reaching my full creative potential. I am thinking I may change the format of the piece to make something a bit more unique. If I can find a way to make my project fit the RadioLab format, perhaps I will write the dialogue for a RadioLab show.

Characteristics of Fragile-X
Characteristics of Fragile-X

Update on Project 2

Since my last official posting I have changed my direction on my project 2 a bit to reflect the fact that I am not really a fiction writer, nor do I want to be, and it would be immensely difficult and frustrating to have my first go at it be so time constrained. Keeping with my original theme of dystopian literature, I decided to instead write a fake piece for the online magazine, Slate, exploring why dystopian fiction has reemerged as so popular recently. I plan to interview a couple friends who enjoy the genre and look at some trends and other article. I will most likely argue that we are in a time where our generation feels the future of the planet is certainly at stake, and our interest in dystopias reflects our fear of the unknown, or something like that.

As I mentioned in my “Why I Write” paper, I am not a multiple drafts kind of girl. I generally will not sit down and write a word of a paper until I’m ready to write the entire thing. Therefore, there currently is no tangible “work in progress” and I am not really bothered by that. I have been making an effort to familiarize myself more with Slate so I can write in its tone and style, I have been researching the recent popularity of stories like  The Hunger Games and The Giver. Taking the idea from Sara Estes, I will probably try to use that website newsjack to make a cool looking Slate article.

Any suggestions of other things I should talk about in my article would be highly appreciated!

Keeping a short story short.

So I’ve been writing a short story for my Project 2. Immediately as I got going I started to realize how hard it would be to keep the story short, and not give up any of the content that I want. So far, I have written a section from the point of view of just one of my characters, and I was surprised at how little of the story I was able to bring forward. However, the upside to this is the fact that I have been able to develop the character a good amount already.

My other question that has stuck in my head is the way I have the events coming up in my story. So far for my first character Ed, I have used a staggered delivery. For example, it starts introducing a man with lung cancer, and says it has been 2 months since his diagnosis. From that sentence I go back in time to the doctor’s visit, and have that dialogue. Right after that I bring the character back to the current situation. Shortly after this he goes back in reminiscence of the first cigarette that he ever smoked. Within this memory I jump around a little bit too. It makes sense to me, and I think it’s easy enough to follow, but it could be an issue to actual readers.

Other than these though, the project is coming along. Fortunately, I have a pretty good plan of how I want to write the story, and the direction it is going.