The Final Countdown: Repurposing Edition (Extra Credit Blog)

For this blog I thought I would continue to work on my repurposing project. The peer review process was extremely helpful and the letters told me exactly what I need to work on. My revision plan is a bit more extensive than I expected, but I think I am headed in the right direction.
1. Add multi media: photos and hyper links
Being an advice column, it is important for it to look visually appealing. I am currently in the process of adding images and hyperlinks to make the blog more user friendly and easy on the eyes. What I am still deciding is whether or not to use photos from my own experience or find more “artsy” ones online. I am sure after I play around with the layout a bit more I will be able to decide what the right choice is!
2. Correct my citations
I currently have some incorrect citations in my annotated bibliography. I need to adjust and further research how to cite an anonymous interview by email. Purdue Owl offers some great facts in how to accomplish this. However, my descriptions of the citations are good and I am headed in the right direction.
3. Edit format to match advice column
This is something I am having trouble deciding. Advice columns can be different in nature, however, what I must decide is if I wasn’t to asthetically make it look like an advice column in a magazine or an online column for the magazine. They both will possess the same content, however, the appearance and impression will be different. I think that making this an online advice column may be more beneficial just to allow the readers to clock on hyperlinks and follow more actively.
4. Incorporate side column and fix areas of repetition
There are some areas in my column that I have found repetition For example, The first question I ask in the “packing” section is very similar to what I introduce as the issue “How can I fit 3 months of clothes into one bag?” Adjusting this will provide more fluidity and sound less repetitive. I am planning on adding another brief section/ side column on my own little do’s and don’ts pertaining to the subject matter.

I still have a lot of revisions to make, and who knows, while I am making them I may come up with another idea. The end is near and I can finally see this advice column coming together!

Happyness (Yes, It’s on purpose)

I’m sitting in the chair at the desk in my bedroom, searching through old Facebook messages, trying to discover some practical way to express the oddity that I see in them. I know I want my project to focus on these estranged, yet intriguing messages, but I don’t know how to make anything of them.

The Elliott Smith song (in the link) comes on my iTunes, and I now believe I’ve found my outlet.

This is entirely outside of my realm of confidence, yet I’d be willing to try it out: I’d like to create a sort-of love story from the viewpoint of a 13 year-old kid who feels so much for a girl, yet his emotions are unjustifiable to everyone else because he’s just a kid. My goal is to use direct quotes from the Facebook messages to build the foundation of the dialogue. It will be somewhat humorous, somewhat sad, and ultimately give merit to the things I felt back that, though now they seem so childish and unjustifiable.

Because much of my project involves finding specific messages of Facebook, much of my early research has included looking through these messages. There is one, in particular, that strikes me: I met a girl on a spring break trip with my family one year and the two of us talked constantly (for a few days). I remember feeling a strong, friendly connection to her.

End of conversation.
End of conversation.

That was in 2008. We never finished that discussion when she was done and we never talked again.

I think it will be interesting and challenging to make something positive out of these now-meaningless, then-meaningful messages, and justify these childish thoughts, rather than degrade them.

Repurposing Progress

This re-purposing project is taking a lot more my time and mental energy than I thought it would, not that that’s a bad thing. I’m working on converting my ethnographic essay from ANTHRCUL101 on the role of gender in our food volume/choices into a series of articles on food psychology. I’m definitely doing a lot more research for this project than I did for my anthro paper (which was mostly just making and analyzing observations) and I’m learning a lot of interesting things about the social and environmental factors that implicitly influence how much we eat (focusing on what makes us overeat). I’ve decided to divide the topic of food psychology into 3 articles: the first on the size of dinnerware/silverware; the second on atmosphere (lighting, music, odor, company, etc.); and the last on tips to avoid overeating.

I really like how the body of the articles are turning out so far. The pieces aren’t too formal (which is a nice change because the anthro paper was), but they’re informative (I hope). However, I’m having a lot of trouble with the conclusions. I’m not quite sure how to end each piece because I don’t want to sound like I’m telling everyone that they’re overeating and need to stop or that they need to change all their habits and choices in order to eat appropriate amounts. To be honest, this has been an overwhelming week so I may not have devoted as much time to this project as I could have, but hopefully sitting down and thinking about this over fall break will push me in the right direction and give me some good ideas.

I’m also having trouble getting these drafts done because I can’t stop thinking about eating while I write (obviously), so all I want to do is go home and feast, which is ironic because I’m writing about how to not overeat… Perhaps I should include the effects of just thinking about food on hunger and consumption volume.

Repurposing Project Comments

When considering the Repurposing Project, I can definitely say that it is a very interesting task.  Unfortunately, at this point, that is one of the only things I can confidently say about it.  When I handed in my Guerrilla Marketing research paper over a year ago, I thought that I would be finished with it for good.  I never really pondered a way to refocus all my previous research.  I am not saying that I am necessarily having a very hard time coming up with a way to repurpose, but it is definitely not as easy as I had hoped.  I decided to convert my argumentative research paper into a magazine article.  My magazine article is meant to explain guerrilla marketing to to businesses (both small and large), as well as offer them a guide to executing this creative advertising technique.

I think, so far, I have done a good job of converting my research paper into a magazine format.  My research paper served to define guerrilla marketing, and some of its more specific techniques, and explain why it has several advantages over typical types of advertising.  My magazine article is meant to go beyond this by providing a guide to this marketing strategy, and that is where I am struggling.  The research I have already done for this project is quite similar to what I had done for the research paper.  I think that I need to try to expand on my research in some way so that my guide could actually be helpful to readers.  I want my guide to be as accurate and useful as possible, and hopefully I am able to make a breakthrough in my research soon.

Repurposing Assignment

For my Repurposing an Argument assignment, I have decided to take a series of blog posts I wrote the summer after my freshman year of college. I was working at a publishing company in place of a woman on maternity leave. While I was perfectly capable of performing the job efficiently, I was often laughed at or treated much younger than my colleagues (of which I was 10 years younger than at least.) However, I wanted to be taken seriously.

So I decided to focus on how to be a young professional, and I began a blog about it. I’d like to take these blog posts and turn it into a magazine spread for kids our age (college aged, 20 somethings) about being a young professional. I think the magazine article will be a good way to repurpose the blog which was purely for myself.

However, I am looking ahead and thinking how I will remediate my argument. I was trying to think of new mediums it could be expressed on. A pamphlet? A presentation? Possibly an advice Twitter account?

If you have any ideas, please comment!