Reading, Writing, and the Commodification of Leisure

In Deborah Brandt’s “The Status of Writing” and “How Writing is Remaking Reading”, she discusses her belief that there is a moral economy of reading and a social economy of writing.  She argues that reading is done so that people may obtain a certain level of social/cultural capital, information and perspectives into things they may not otherwise care/know about; reading, as she states, is not a sustainable process that will pay the bills, however.

BusinessGhost creator, Michael Levin.

On the other hand, she believes that writing should be/is done strictly for financial gain and societal notoriety/fame.  In watching the season premier of one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank, on ABC, there is a perfect example of this as NY Times best-selling author Michael Levin pitches his publishing company, called “BusinessGhost”, to the show’s “sharks” (prospective investors).  The premise of this company is that ordinary people can got to BusinessGhost and describe a story that they’d like to have written for them; this story can be an autobiography, a memoir about their career/professional Read More