Making something out of nothing

While at first you may be thinking that an assignment like “Why I Write” seems super easy (No page requirement!? No specific structure!? No list of questions that need to be addressed in the paper!? Crazy!), you are sadly mistaken. Or, at least I am.

For me, having a more structured prompt actually helps me generate more ideas than an assignment like this one that can literally go in a million different directions. So, my biggest challenge thus far has been stage one: making something out of nothing. Staring at a blank page, cursor blinking (laughing!) at me, my mind drawing blanks.¬†Why do I write? What will I classify as “writing” in this paper? Will I only discuss academic writing? Or will I include speech writing, or text messaging, or Facebook posting? Will I start my paper off with an anecdote? Will I include some passages from ghosts of my writing’s past? Maybe I will just blabber on, stream-of-consciousness style, until by the last paragraph the answer will await me. Oh well, here’s to hoping I don’t end up like this guy…

Good luck everyone!