Three Lists

This week were asked to make three lists in order to help us figure out our final project, re-meidation. The first list is all of the disciplines that are required for making my re-purposed project. This was hard considering the paper was a memoir, so a lot of it took introspection which I did not know how to describe exactly. Here is what I came up with:

  • Writing   50%
  • Psychology   15%
  • Media Studies   %5
  • History   10%
  • ? 20%

The next list is all of the disciplines involved in completing my re-mediated project:

  • Technology/software  25%
  • Writing  25%
  • Speech/language  %20
  • Psychology  10%
  • Media studies  5%
  • History  5%
  • ?  10%

These are the skills I still need to learn to complete my re-mediation project:

  • How to shorten my 10 page memoir into a shorter script, while still being equally effective, keeping
    • My point about the skills I’ve acquired from past
    • Narrative flow
    • Openness and genuinely in voice
  • How to burn or transfer audio from a DVD that is a home-made physical copy (not online), while maintaining good sound quality

Three Lists

In class today, I sought to identify which academic disciplines influenced my three Gateway Course works. My current Repurposing Essay draft is influenced by the following subject fields:

  • English: 50%
  • Business: 10%
  • Communications: 12%
  • Sociology: 10%
  • Other (unidentified): 18%

I believe that my current Remediation work is influenced by the following subject fields:

  • English: 50%
  • Business: 8%
  • Communications: 12%
  • Statistics: 2%
  • Music: 5%
  • Performing arts technology: 10%
  • Other (unidentified): 13%

I have not had any academic experience with performing arts technology, but I felt the need to include it in the above list since my Remediation is a podcast. Some skills I need to improve in order to best present my Repurposing and Remediation works include:

  • Learning how to best synthesize these independent subjects into one cohesive body
  • Figuring out how to best work music into my Remediation podcast
  • Storytelling with a clear point
  • Identifying skills learned from disciplines that apply outside of the specific discipline e.g. learning perseverance from my work in the Men’s Glee Club