A Date to Remember

We pulled up to the restaurant, the parking lot was packed with cars. It was a bit of a shock because on a normal weeknight this would have been empty. I looked over at my date. He smiled.

“Maybe we should have gotten reservations?” He said with a nervous laugh. I looked down at my hands, they were shaking, I was nervous.

“I’m pretty sure they do not normally take them.” I replied.

We walked into the building and were greeted with a longer line. He walked up to the hostess. I pushed my hands against my jeans and waited to see what would happen.

My date came back with a smile on his face, “It’s only a fifteen minute wait.”

I nodded. I scanned what I could see of the room. Every table was filled with an even number of people. This is what Valentine’s Day looks like at the only restaurant in the county.

Soon it was our time to sit. As soon as the waitress took our order, conversation just flowed. We talked about everything, from childhood memories to opinions on the current popular songs. I realized how easy it was to talk to him and my heart pounded on, faster. Is this what I think it is? Could this be?

Before I knew it we had finished our food. The waitress came up to our table. “Your meal has been paid for, would you like dessert?”

I couldn’t believe it, had someone seen what I had thought? Who was this kind person? Where were they sitting? I looked at my date, my wide eyes and mouth open were mirrored in his face. I couldn’t believe it.

We got lucky this first Valentine’s Day date. Four Valentine’s Days later, we have yet to repeat getting our meal paid for by some kind soul. But those feelings I felt haven’t gone away. We got lucky that first V-Day, but I am lucky every day with Joel by my side.


Joel and I, Cru’s Christmas Formal 2016

Valentine’s Day: Diabolical Singles Rejoice

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. A time for couples everywhere to celebrate their love and singles to be reminded of their singleness, whether they are happy about it or not. Elementary schoolers bring paper heart cut-outs for their whole class while older valentines bestow boxes of chocolate and flowers on their loved ones.

While some claim that Valentine’s day is simply a “Hallmark Holiday,” invented solely for capitalist reasons, one University of Michigan student has taken this premise one step further. M., as I will refer to her, recently posted the following on Facebook for her entire social network to see:

Forget to make reservations on Main Street and now you can’t find a reservation for you and your loved one? Look no further. I have taken the liberty of making multiple reservations at many Main Street restaurants. You may now bid on reservations to secure a dinner for Valentine’s Day! Message me with offers.



I’ll call this girl clever, but that’s as generous as I can be. Call Valentine’s Day what you will, M.’s plan is evil. Evil!

1. Leave the happy couples alone. I’ve been single on Valentine’s day a total of 18 times (unless you count my perpetual Valentine, my dad), and it’s completely bearable. Good for everyone else for shamelessly toting their happiness around town. Buy a bag of Hershey’s Kisses.

2. It’s illegal. For a good reason. Driving up demand on one of the busiest days of the year makes everyone lose out. The customers, the restaurants, pretty much everyone involved except for M.

3. If you don’t endorse Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of other ways to channel your frustration into something more productive. You could plan a party for your single friends. You could volunteer at a soup kitchen and adopt a bunch of needy Valentines. You could call your parents and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day. Just don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

One thing is certain. Anyone who becomes M.’s tattletale will get a heart-shaped card in the mail from me this February 14.

A Few of My Favorite Things

There are phrases that make me smile ear-to-ear,

Like come in, sit down, have a cold beer.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, want to sweep me off my feet?

Here’s a list of things that will make the job complete:


Go grab a blanket, let’s watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Check out this picture on Cute Emergency.

I’m at Taco Bell, what would you like?

Get in the car, tonight is girls night.

Did you see MSU lost? Man, that was rough.

Pass the hummus. Did you get enough?

We poured you a glass. Come on, you should stay!

You are beautiful, have I told you today?

Oh my gosh, did you hear Leo DiCaprio’s in town?

(Warning: Don’t lie about this. It will just make me frown.)

What’s your schedule? I’ve got an article I’d like you to write.

Hand me the bottle. We’re not sleeping tonight.


So if you want to be mine this Valentine’s Day,

Say any of these things, and you just might sweep me away.


Happy Heart Week.

I love the heart of Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s the candy hearts telling you you’re magic, or celebrating all the best shades of pink, or your mom leaving sweets, new socks, and a stuff giraffe on the kitchen counter next to your powdered sugar-dusted blueberry pancakes in the morning, or you and your best friends making a public spectacle of just how single you all are and just how awesome you still think you are.

I love that there’s no love filter. I love that it’s socially acceptable — God forbid encouraged — to say how you feel. To tell people that they’ve touched your life. To be real in relationships, as real as we should be every day.

The human race needs to get over the notion that things are bigger than us and that our moments aren’t powerful enough to be acknowledged by lovers and strangers alike. We’ve just got to get past it. We don’t have a world of 6 billion that’s only changed by the lucky ones; we have 6 billion understandings of a world. If we can love just one, value even one, we change the whole thing. Let February 14 be the day. Eat the smooch-shaped sugar cookie, take one bite out of every single chocolate in the box, and make sure someone knows they are magic to you.

(And, of course, Disney does it again — “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story.”)