Food Blogs That Are Something To Drool Over

If you are a food blog, well you have already won over my heart, my mind, and absolutely my stomach. I was having a conversation with someone the other day about how much I enjoyed watching the cooking channel (I can’t fall asleep without it on, if I’m to be honest) and he stared back at me with a blank expression, as if food could actually mean nothing to some people. Hopefully, those that are reading this blog do not share his ambivalence towards the art of meal creation because this one is all about food.

Besides the daily pinterest recipe browse and the obvious 3x per day, food enters my life through the casual perusal of picture-filled food blogs. Possibly the allure comes from my knowledge of food, so I know that the pictures I see would taste good based on the fact that I know these individual flavors mesh together. Maybe I just like the pretty pictures and have a literal insatiable hunger, either way these forums drive me wild.

Smitten Kitchen is a particularly famous blog that is well-known for their pictures and recipes. It’s one of those sites where you can either come because you just like looking at pretty things, or you can come to mooch off their creativity to satisfy your noms. Either way, it’s definitely worth a few glances.

Another blog that satisfies my passion for food and also my obsession with Detroit is Detroit Foodie. I only discovered this one recently after living in Detroit and scoping out the food scene, but even if you don’t make the monthly pilgrimage to midtown like I do, you should still check this one out. They write about restaurants in and around Detroit, and it definitely has a young vibe which is where the city seems to be heading.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a chuckle, chortle, or snort you should check out Hannah Hart’s vlog. My Drunk Kitchen is her fun weekly web series, but she is actually passionate about the craft (especially the alcohol). It takes a very casual and haphazard approach to cooking, which may make it more approachable to those not familiar with the nitty-gritty of the gastronomic scene.


The blogs that I enjoy the most are the ones that provide me with a new insight into an area which I have not previously considered, and inspires me to think about an unknown subject in a new way. The beauty of the internet, is that individuals can easily connect to a myriad of different ideas, cultures, philosophies, opinions, and styles, which can offer a new enlightenment and understanding of life. This is why I frequently read the University of Michigan student-run art blog, “Arts Ink” where students post about topics relating to art events on and around campus. After I transferred to UM this past winter term, I began to regularly read the articles on “Arts Ink” as a way not only to discover the vast array of student organizations and events on campus, but also as a way to read about other students’┬ádilemmas and observations on campus and connect with my fellow classmates.

The most significant blog post that I read was titled “Two Words, Jackass: YOLO: “Vlogtrobber” and “Poetry” of Youtube” and introduces the internet’s newest star, Steve Rogenbuck, who is transforming and modernizing the poetry world. Roggenbuck, a native Michigander, can be described as a sort of modern “beatnick” who ignores all the rules of traditional poetry and instead relies on technology and freeform verse when writing poetry. Roggenbuck’s poetry centers around the impacts of internet culture and also utilizes the internet as primary medium for distributing his poetry, which is targeted and made accessible to the general public. At only 23 years young, Roggenbuck is changing the definitions of poetry and challenging social norms, which is definitely inspiring to me.

The original blog post in “Arts Ink” introduced me to Steve Roggennbuck by providing a brief introduction about the poet, and then a link to one of his most popular video poem, which was enough to get me absolutely hooked on his poetry style, his ideas, and his art. I hope through this blog post that you are intrigued enough by what I am talking about to click on the link below, which will redirect you to Roggenbuck’s most popular poem, and hopefully inspire you and your life the same way it inspired mine.

Make Something Beautiful Before You’re Dead