Tour de Zing: Our quest to find the ultimate Zingermans sandwich

When it comes to my hobbies, two things come to mind: food and sports. I mostly use newspapers and other non-blog websites for sports news, but for food, blogs are the way to do it. In my time reading food blogs, one blog has always stood above the rest: Tour de Zing. Though the blog is no longer in existence, it was a fantastic blog that had virtually no flaws. It was easy to navigate, had a nice look and the content was great.

Here is a look at the front page:

Zingerman's photo
Look at how ascetically pleasing the background of this blog is!

It’s a nice homepage that’s very user friendly. I particularly loved this blog because I am a Zingerman’s junkie myself. I love nothing more than a deli sandwich and delicious sides. However, this blog appeals to all ethos, pathos and logos. The blogs interface is very logical. The blog has an appeal to ethos because throughout the blog the authors never make it seem like they are food blogs. Rather, if they didn’t like something because of personal taste blogs, they’d write that. It’s also clear that these authors are invested in the blog with their constant posts and emotional love for deli food.

The one gripe I have with this blog is that it doesn’t have individual links to each sandwich they’ve tried, but instead it makes you scroll through every post. However, I never had a problem scrolling through because it’s addicting.

So next time you go to Zingerman’s, be sure to read this blog before hand!